Futility–A Poem By Mu Antoun

Baggage, baggage, wherever I go
It haunts my frame and fills my clothes
I turn around, but feel it tugging
A constant reminder of all I'm lugging

Numbers and salads for days on end
Until at last, I can put it to bed
Baggage be gone, I scream in victory!
Little I knew, it was all contradictory

For my hunger raises its starving head
And my will, weak, can no longer plead
Food galore, a feast for a shrunken stomach
At that point, I begin my fated plummet

There it is again, my hated friend
I knew the baggage would return in the end
The seams are ripping and my eyes keep tearing
And in the mirror all I see is a girl forever veering.

The whispers keep coming, the disappointed stares
They know you have failed and believe you are unaware
So I burrow away and throw the key in the gutter
Better alone than surrounded by their wounding, crippling mutters.

© Mu Antoun "The Feathered Pagan" 

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